I do not classify my approach or my style as a designer. I appreciate permanence, context, clarity among other principals of design. Design as a whole has grown rapidly over the past decades, I too plan to grow with the demands and opportunities presented as our world continues to progress.
My industrial design background begins with my education at Savannah College of Art and design. There I worked directly with clients on products ranging private jet seating with Gulfstream Aerospace to consumer electronics for the Vtech Corporation. My freelance clients have ranged from P&G to interior design firms and I continue to explore and apply my design thinking to a variety of creative industries.

"My love for creating products, objects, and systems come from my love of people"

My love for furniture falls in between that of product and sculpture. Not only because I find it the best way to bring my vision from both together, but because it allows me to bring out the utility of an object while applying the aesthetic potential found in my sculptural explorations. Project themes have included sustainability education, mass customization, and digital fabrication.

" 'We' don't need another chair... but someone might?"

I work as both a formal and digital sculpture. Bringing both of these categories together are my studies in digital fabrication. Primarily using Rhino 3d and Grasshopper my work has been a pursuit not only to explore rapid prototyping machines such as CNC, laser cutters, and 3D printers. I also investigate relationships different material have with these processes. Collaborative activities play an important role in my work. In the past I have worked with fields including Architecture, Printmaking, Painting, Graphic design, Photography, Furniture, and Industrial design.

"It's called a show, not a talk... you can frame an essay on the walls of the gallery but it better look really good."